A few words about what we are

Ecobz Co.,Ltd. is a professional ERP provider offers a great business solution in the analysis, design, development, programming and marketing of your business

About Ecobz

Ecobz Co., Ltd. is a Thailand’s professional provider of Enterprise resource planning (ERP), Customer relationship management (CRM), Manufacturing resource planning (MRP) solutions and in-house software development to fit any unique needs for sharpen our clients competitive edge and drive growth.

The Company also offered consultant to help clients choosing the best solution for theirs business in not only in software but also infrastructure aspects to ensure the clients growth their business without any technical concern.

Our Philosophy

From year to years, we’ve been helping our clients growth theirs business by developing and delivering world-class ERP, CRM and MRP software solutions with maximum functionality but simplicity. With our “customer inspired” strategy that listen theirs unique needs and requirements, help our clients boost productivity, optimized practices, control every key process and gain insight to improve their business.

Our specialization

At Ecobz, we have specialists team in business process, accounting and financial. Moreover, we are collaborating with local expert and scientists at The Federation of Thai Industries, the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSDTA), the big four largest auditors and world-class universities so we can find the best solution using the most up-to-date procurement and innovative technologies.

Clients Return Rate

Covered Industries

Developed Modules

Our service

Ecobz Services focuses on SME clients in growing their business by empowering people, by becoming more operationally efficient, and by seamlessly evolving their process to archive the highest profit

Enterprise resource planning

Empowers your people to be more productive and enable operational excellence for the business processes you need.

Customer relationship management

Drives sales productivity and marketing effectiveness through social insights.

Manufacturing resource planning

Precisely and effectively manages all resources and requirements necessary to meet your manufacturing demand.

Business process optimization

Provide guidance on what to improve on sales, procurement, manufacturing to financial and accounting.

Retail Business - Entrepreneur

Driving your business forward with fully integrated Point of Sale, stock management though accounting.

Digital Marketing

Apply the essential ingredients of a digital marketing strategy that getting leads from online marketing and e-commerce.

What they say about us!

Here are what some our customers are saying about us:

“The Ecobz Company has been a valuable partner for the last 3 years, they helped us re-building our professional services team and preparing us to go public with a very strategic vertical approach”

“The way Ecobz approach us and follow us over the months prior to my engagement has made my transition very easy, I would not hesitate in recommend them to fellow professional.”

Our best clients

We are honoured to work with our best and of trusted partners